Hot Stone Reflexology

All the benefits of a Reflexology - with heated basalt stones, (a volcanic rock) which allows the therapy to work on a deeper level 👣 Benefits of Hot Stone Reflexology 👣

Hot Stone Reflexology is very much like a Reflexology only we use heated basalt stones (volcanic rock) This saves the therapists hand and works on the different reflex points on a much deeper level, leaving the client feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

Hot Stone Reflexology sessions last around 60 minutes which includes a Full Consultation on your first visit and best received laying on a therapy couch.

As with all my therapy sessions all my therapy sessions are still working 12 hours after, so I always ask my clients to drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins

Looking after your wellbeing as well as your feet with a relaxing Hot Stone Reflexology session.

  • Deeply relaxing & rejuvenating
  • Warming & re-balancing for the mind, body & soul
  • Eases stress and tension away and helps with anxiety

Adults - 1hr - £40