Reiki pronounced (Ray-Key) is a combination of 2 Japanese words Rei-Ki meaning Universal Life Energy The benefits of Reiki

Reiki re-emerged in the 20th Century with a Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. Reiki is pronounced (Ray-Key) and is translated as a 'Universal Life-energy'.

A deeply calming therapy involving meditation, Reiki can promote mindfulness and reduce stress and negative energy.

Reiki Sessions last about 30 minutes and can be received either seated or on a couch dependant on the clients needs and clothed. Reiki is a hands on therapy although can be received using distant healing. Universal healing energy working on the body on 4 levels Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

As a Reiki Teacher and Master we are not trained to diagnose and if a client is concerned they should seek advice from their GP.

  • Reiki promotes relaxation
  • Reiki can be wonderful for pregnant clients, very calming for children and animals

Adults -30 minutes -£30